God in Every Moment – Psalm 139

What I thought might be a real drudgery became a great blessing. My move from Dallas to Houston was stretched out over several months. I was commuting every Friday from Houston to Dallas to be with my wife and our little granddaughter we are raising fulltime. Then very early on Monday mornings, I drove back to Houston. I arose about 4 a.m. and tried to be on the road no later than 5 a.m. While I never have been a regular early riser, I can do it for golf and a few other favorite activities. The truth is, I’d rather stay up late and not have to get up early, but I wanted one more night at home so I chose this routine.

So there I was, coffee in hand, driving through what felt like the dead of night. I was wide awake, occasionally singing, then praying, then listening to the news and weather. Radio stations would come and go as I drove and I had just found a pretty clear Christian station. I was gradually able to see just the slightest light of morning. There was a cloak of fog hugging the ground, but not impairing my vision or ability to drive safely. More light was coming from the left side of the divided highway as I drove south. I could barely make out the tops of trees, some farmhouses, a windmill, even a few cattle through the fog. I was beginning to see soft shades of orange and pink, yellow and gold. There was a subtle blue hue in the sky straight ahead and to my right as I drove up a gradual incline. More and more color was emerging and I was taking it all in, when at exactly the moment I topped the hill for the best view, a song by Steven Curtis Chapman came on the radio. It was new to me, but its words powerfully described the very first sunrise after creation and went on to tell about how God can make everything new. Some would call it a God-moment. I call it a “Thank-you-GOD-moment.” I found myself praising Him involuntarily. I was compelled. I had no choice. Even if my car had been full of atheists, I would have done it.

As I continued down the road in what became bright sunshine for the day, a thought struck me. God is in EVERY moment, not just those which touch me and give me chill bumps. God is here with me when tears of joy fill my eyes and when irritations and frustrations mount. He’s here when I pray and when I don’t. My challenge is to remember that He is with me, regardless of circumstances. His Spirit dwells in me, yearning to produce His fruit. His Son can live in me, if I believe. He can even be seen through me as I claim transformation in Him and imitate Him.

God may give you a majestic sunrise or sunset in the next few days or He may not. In any case, He is with you, wanting to empower you, use you and bless others through you. When you listen to that client today whose case seems weak, listen with more patience. Speak a little more gently to your assistant and associates, even those on the opposing side. When you stand before that judge and jury this week, show a little more genuine respect. When you get home after a frustrating day, messed up schedule and bad traffic, give generous hugs and hold your wife and kids a little longer than usual. God is in the moment! He is to be praised and you are just the person to do it. David understood this and expressed it beautifully in Psalm 139.  Take time to read it when you’re not driving!

Article copyright (c) 2009 by Charles G. Mickey.  All rights reserved.

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