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Acting on Acts – Acts 1-16

The fifth book of the New Testament does more than record the “Acts of the Apostles.”  Luke’s spotlight really only shines on two of the apostles, Peter and Paul, but he focuses more on the Holy Spirit and His actions in the early church.  A recent reading of the book brought several lessons to my […]

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What Are You Fighting For? – James 5:16

Jim and Nell Hamm were about to celebrate their 50th anniversary in February 2007, but that celebration almost got canceled. They were hiking in a north California state park in January when Jim was attacked by a mountain lion. Nell grabbed a log to hit the lion repeatedly, but he wouldn’t let go of Jim’s head. Jim […]

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Heroism At Its Best – Philippians 2:3

ABC’s Nightline told the story of Wesley Autrey who rescued a total stranger from being killed by a Manhatten subway train in January 2007. Wesley had his two small daughters with him, but when he saw 19-year-old Cameron Hollopeter fall on the tracks because of an apparent seizure, he jumped into action. Cameron was jerking […]

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