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You Do Not Even Know – James 4:14

I was among those who received an email message asking me to pray for the outstanding Christian author Philip Yancey. He was in a serious auto accident on Sunday, Feb. 25, 2007, in New Mexico. Driving home to Denver after speaking in Los Alamos, his Ford Explorer rolled several times when he entered a curve with too much […]

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God in Every Moment – Psalm 139

What I thought might be a real drudgery became a great blessing. My move from Dallas to Houston was stretched out over several months. I was commuting every Friday from Houston to Dallas to be with my wife and our little granddaughter we are raising fulltime. Then very early on Monday mornings, I drove back to Houston. I […]

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What Do You Cherish? – Ephesians 5:5,8-10

Mladen Jovanovic is my friend who preaches for a church in Zagreb, Croatia, which was a center for benevolent work during the years of conflict between Serbians and Croatians. They resolved not to throw food to people out of the back of trucks, but to interview each recipient and listen carefully to each story. They […]

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